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Month: May 2014

Collaboration, Creating Customer Value

The Last 10% Makes All The Difference 

It just so happens that this is the right time to give my 14-year-old son the “last 10% speech.”  Anyone who’s been around a young teenager knows, they simply don’t understand what it means to get something done…completely done, leaving no strings, or mess left over. As your children learn to be responsible, and even begin to do their chores, and even help others (wow!), there is still one last instruction to give.

It is that no matter how much the 14-year-old thinks he has done, what matters is that he has finished the job.  Or better yet, that he has solved or performed a task to his parent’s liking. The only thing parents see is the last 10 percent of the effort.  For example, he may have gotten his own juice glass then the juice from the refrigerator, poured it, drank it, returned the juice to the fridge, and…

Improving The World

Young Experts Behind The Scenes: Boys’ Day 2014 In Sulzbach, Germany 

When you are at the age of eleven, you really don’t spend that much time philosophizing about what you want to be when you grow up. The German Boys’ Day and Girls’ day events are a perfect opportunity for all these open, young minds to gather first-hand ideas on their plans for the future. Founded for the girls in 2001, and for the boys in 2011, respectively, this annual event is designed to allow boys and girls from grades five to 10 the great chance to gain insight into companies, institutions and organizations and what exciting jobs they have to offer.

In Sulzbach, we hosted 12 super-curious boys ages 10 to 14 and made them dive into the world of…

Creating Customer Value

Are You Glocal? How We’re Creating Customer Value 

Celanese wrapped up an incredibly successful Chinaplas® (Asia’s biggest plastics trade fair) exhibition in Shanghai last month.  I won’t know the final count of visitors and meetings for a little while, but based on the latest information, there were more than 2,000 visitors to the booth, over 60 scheduled meetings and countless ‘on-the-spot’ information exchanges.  Our engineered materials, Clarifoil and EVA teams were certainly busy.  A common theme for the show was how Celanese is helping create customer value.

One of the most exciting announcements we had during the show was Celanese’s plan to begin…


They Said It Couldn’t Be Done 

Two years ago this month, we launched the Celanese Blog (CE Blog). Some people were anxious about discussing issues openly and honestly. But I wanted to hear from you; and I wanted you to be heard.

Our first blog tackled controversy head on. Ryan Morrison wrote Is Losing My Office a Good Thing? sharing his thoughts about the transition we were making from offices to an open space environment at the headquarters in Dallas. This change wasn’t popular. Yet he embraced the topic and challenged the water cooler talk.

In A Call for More Women Leaders Lu Zhang encouraged women to take on…