When you are at the age of eleven, you really don’t spend that much time philosophizing about what you want to be when you grow up. The German Boys’ Day and Girls’ day events are a perfect opportunity for all these open, young minds to gather first-hand ideas on their plans for the future. Founded for the girls in 2001, and for the boys in 2011, respectively, this annual event is designed to allow boys and girls from grades five to 10 the great chance to gain insight into companies, institutions and organizations and what exciting jobs they have to offer.

In Sulzbach, we hosted 12 super-curious boys ages 10 to 14 and made them dive into the world of Celanese for one day. To step aside from what can be rather dry and technical presentations, all of our speakers made their topics “hands on.” The boys could touch plastic pellets or paper coatings, even smell emulsions, or try to twist a piece of plastic without breaking it. Some videos and graphics helped to teach how a certain high-tech component is cast, how an air bag explodes, or what a marketing person really does.

After the first presentation, we couldn’t believe the creative and well-crafted ideas those young minds thought of: “Why do you test whether a Celanese plastic can resist a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius if there is no place on the earth that is that hot?” “Is the resin in tree bark made from a Celanese emulsions?”  ”With nail polish remover, you can really burn a lot, can’t you?” These were just some of the great questions we were asked.

While the Sulzbach office hosted boys, our Celanese colleagues in Kaiserslautern opened their doors to two girls to show them jobs that were more technical and production-oriented, and to add to the whole event, another Celanese employee hosted a girls’ day for his own daughter at the Industrial Park Höchst.

I really enjoyed participating in this event in Sulzbach and seeing the world through young eyes once again. I was impressed by the boy’s interest in learning what a chemical company does and how Celanese contributes to the local community.

Thanks to all my colleagues who helped contribute to this impressive day!

Not surprisingly, our guests enjoyed filming a video together with us. Watch the video above!