I read about the Kobelt Zoo in the newspaper. I was impressed that admission to the zoo – now almost 100 years old – is free, and that the employees there work on a voluntary basis.

Since I also found out that the zoo currently has problems in meeting requirements by the local authorities, I thought it would be a good candidate for support through the Celanese Social Day. The Celanese Global Communications team immediately agreed and many of my colleagues were also excited about the idea. So in April of this year, me and a team of 33 colleagues set off for the zoo, rolled up our sleeves, and went to work on some of the outbuildings and animal enclosures. Our jobs that day included carpentry, painting and some general improvement.

The animals watched us with curiosity as we went about our work, while the zoo’s volunteer staff provided us with food. At one point during the day, some of us helped to catch a small capuchin monkey that had escaped. The monkey wasn’t exactly happy to be recaptured, but we were proud of our success. As the kangaroos have offspring at the moment, we could see the joey peering out of his mother’s pouch from time to time. Some colleagues were also “entertained” by the talking parrots as they worked.

I was pleased to watch our progress and enjoyed doing some work with my hands. Together, we accomplished the jobs planned, while enjoying ourselves and having lots of laughs. The Kobelt Zoo management was also impressed by our performance and satisfied with all the work we did. I have received feedback from many colleagues saying how satisfied they were to see their success as a team at the end of the day. Many want to come back and visit the Kobelt Zoo in the summer with their families.

I think it’s great that Celanese granted me and my colleagues the day off for this volunteer project and that the company also provided us with the materials we needed to do the job. Thanks to this social commitment by Celanese, the Kobelt Zoo can continue to offer its visitors of all ages many happy hours.