Even though the great Chase Run 2014 event was several weeks ago, I still have fond memories of watching all the runners show up to the after party wearing their fun shirts that said “Ich bin …”(“I am…”).  We have quite a creative team — as well as a confident team –based on the words and phrases that were written and worn during the race.

This was my first big event with Celanese, and it was great to see so many participants from all over Europe — and even one from Dallas.  We had more than 200 runners and several other participants that came for the social experience – good conversations, drinks and food after the race.  We had a very nice set up with tents, tables and chairs in downtown Frankfurt.  I’m so glad we had excellent weather and took a fun group picture to preserve the good memories.  I look forward to next year and an even bigger attendance by the Celanese team.

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people who not only made this event happen but also made it special. Thank you all for your wonderful support and for making my first Chase Run a wonderful experience and memory!

Don’t miss our Chase video to see how much fun the Celanese team had and why we all plan to come back next year for more running and good times!