In a recent blog, Stephanie Daigle, vice president of U.S. Public Affairs for Celanese, introduced us to the important work being done in the American Chemistry Council’s Value Chain Outreach (VCO) initiative and explained the leading role Celanese is playing. Beyond staying informed, the ACC (and by extension, Celanese) is actively working to influence key stakeholders so that we can better anticipate the needs of our customers regarding important evolving issues. These stakeholders in the area of building materials include architects, building owners, contractors, environmental NGOs (non-government organizations) and government organizations at the federal, state and local levels.

Building materials is an exciting and dynamic segment. Over the last decade, many building codes, environmental mandates and voluntary green building rating systems have had an extraordinary influence on the development of building materials of all kinds. Many of our customers in this space now compete for market leadership with a wide variety of sustainability-influenced attributes such as recycled content, lower emissions, lower environmental impact of manufacturing facilities, and more.

While the goal of the VCO initiative is to understand how we can create value for our customers in the future, I want to take a moment and reflect on how one Celanese sales manager in our emulsion polymers business has already used this momentum to create a win for an important customer and for Celanese.

This Celanese customer manufactures a major brand of construction adhesive in the U.S. Their brand is a trusted solution to contractors everywhere. Over the last few years, our customer has been steadily converting much of this flagship brand from solvent-based to Celanese TUFCOR® water-based emulsions.  Because of increasing environmental mandates, and the growing influence of green building rating programs, this leading construction adhesive manufacturer realized they needed to be proactive in protecting this valuable brand.

Celanese started with an extremely small share of their business. Today, much of this construction adhesive is manufactured with a Celanese TUFCOR® emulsion and our share continues to grow. By understanding our customer’s desire to convert to more water-based products, Celanese brought viable solutions to their product development team. The result is an amazing win for our customer and for Celanese!

Whether you are seeking to create customer value in the future – as demonstrated by the ACC’s value chain outreach efforts – or are working today to meet environmental mandates on behalf of your customers, one thing is clear: when you work to create sustainable products and solutions for your customers, both you and your customer are more likely to succeed.