It has been said that people who volunteer and give of their time to help others receive as much benefit as the people they help. After volunteering on a variety of projects, I have to tell you that this is true. The feeling of helping others and the life skills I have learned along the way have been incredible.

The opportunities for volunteering are seemingly endless.  I encourage everyone to give back by donating your time to whatever cause draws you, whether it be through your church or a local organization. Here at Celanese, we are lucky to work at a place that is committed to improving the community and the world around us. Celanese offers a wide range of opportunities to volunteer such as Habitat for Humanity, CASA, food drives, and Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP).

For my most recent project, I was selected to be part of the 2014 CIIP team.  Ten employees are selected from our global facilities and sent worldwide to work on humanitarian projects.  This year, the team was sent to Poland to work on three separate projects. The project that I was assigned to was quite challenging for me and it took me far out of my comfort zone many times. This is the great part of working with a team where each person has different talents that contribute to the success of the overall team.  The things that I brought back from participating on this project are better project management skills, team building, problem solving, and working with individuals from different cultures and languages.

We had many fascinating experiences from eating insects to dipping our toes into the Baltic Sea. It was interesting to learn about the local culture and experience the fabulous cuisine. I would not have enjoyed these experiences had I not been willing to volunteer. I hope that I have encouraged you to participate and volunteer your time and efforts to whatever is on your heart.  Be ready to be changed inside.