We all have lousy days, and last week I had one of my lousiest. I embarrassed myself in a meeting, destroyed my company laptop and locked myself out of my car. My day began like any other. I got up and showered, brushed my teeth and then headed for the door. Seems like a perfect morning. So what went wrong?

Well, after talking to my colleagues I realized that the problems I had all came back to things I hadn’t done in the morning. I could always start my day on the right foot by asking myself three simple questions:

  1. What is the weather forecast?
  2. What does my schedule look like?
  3. What do I have planned after work?

Checking the weather

I rarely have time to turn on the news in the morning to check the weather, but had I taken a moment to glance at my weather app, I would have seen that we were due for some serious stormy weather. Needless to say, flip-flops were a terrible footwear choice. While they are great for playing Frisbee at the park, flip flops can be a problem in the office. Imagine if someone stepped on my toe while I walked through the office? That would make for a painful situation for me and my coworkers.

Anyway, it was raining that morning and 635 was all backed up. Rushing to get into the office, I slipped on the wet pavement on the top level of the parking garage and fell. I sent my laptop flying across the pavement right into a puddle of water. If only I had taken a few moments to check the weather I could have avoided having to explain to my boss why my laptop had short circuited, or why I was wearing footwear that’s meant for outside the office.

Work Schedule and Afternoon Plans

Did I mention I forgot to set my alarm the night before? Since I started in a bit of a rush, I grabbed the first thing I saw in my closet, my favorite Hawaiian shirt. At the time, it seemed like a good idea and hey, it looks great with my shoes. Had I taken a moment to check my schedule for the day, I would have remembered that big presentation with Mark Rohr. I was under-dressed to say the least. It was also a little awkward when I showed up at the Sasquatch Young Professionals Happy Hour and everyone else was in suits. I definitely stood out from the crowd.

It All Comes Back to the Morning

OK, so now I get what Mother Sasquatch was trying to tell me when I was a little Sasquatch in the Piney Woods. The morning is when I have the time to prepare for my day, and by just asking myself a few simple questions I’ll have fewer planning and safety mishaps throughout the day. It’s easy to think that I don’t have the time, but with a little planning, I’ll save time and lower my stress level.

Comment below with stories of your own safety and planning mishaps and tips on what makes for a perfect morning.