My name is Courtney and I am a single mother who came to Christian Community Action (CCA) at the suggestion of a friend. I had been on bed rest for months through a difficult pregnancy, and was unemployed. I had lost my home due to a recent divorce and was also unable to make my car payments. I was only able off the street because relatives gave me and my children a room.

I was completely amazed with CCA Family Services. I was too embarrassed to reach out for help. They made it so easy. Everyone was kind and gentle with me. They comforted me and made me feel welcome. I wasn’t ashamed anymore. They told me that everyone has hard times and that is why they are here to help. They were so wonderful to me, I was in tears when I left.

Now I have a job in a medical center. I am getting on my feet and looking for my own place. I am an NCTC student taking the basics, and plan on going for my photography degree at UNT. My two oldest kids are in school. CCA has helped me with food and back-to-school clothes and supplies for my children. The kids and I are truly grateful for their help.

Thanks to caring companies like Celanese, CCA can help more than 10,000 individuals transition out of crisis each year. Their health clinic treats almost 6,000 patients and each week more than 500 families receive food from the CCA Pantry.

Thank you Celanese on behalf of so many that have been helped in Denton County. Through your giving and CCA’s carrying staff and volunteers, children like mine are provided with the necessities!

Watch this video and see how lives are transformed at CCA:

This year the Celanese Foundation gave $30,000 to CCA to help Courtney and others in need. For more about the Celanese Foundation, visit