What does a chemistry company do? Twelve girls between the ages of 14 and 16 took advantage of Girls’ Day to seek answers to this question at the Emulsion Polymers lab at our Frankfurt production site. Founded in 2001, this annual event is designed to allow girls in this age group an insight into a variety of companies, institutions and organizations to see what exciting jobs they have to offer. After a safety briefing and a short introduction to Celanese, it was down to business for the girls. Well equipped with safety coats and glasses and split into groups of four, the young ladies learned about what a day at the lab looks like. In addition, they had the chance to peek behind the scenes at the field of natural sciences.

Natural talents
At the Girls‘ Day at Celanese, the agenda was pretty packed. After a short but informative guided tour through our labs, the girls learned how to create emulsion paint – some of the ladies seemed ready to start off with mixing the ingredients on their own. However, the next tour stop already required them to show their skills when plastering and paints had to be applied to the lab’s testing wall. It didn’t take long for our painter to discover how many natural talents were among them. Perhaps this exciting experience at the lab inspired some of the girls to look into a professional career as a painter or chemical laboratory worker?

Find your color
After a very sunny lunch break and another little tour through parts of the Industrial Park in Höchst, the girls got ready for the highlight of the day: all had the chance to choose a color and individually dye white emulsion paint. For paint precision, the most important element here was not just a steady hand, but also a steady scale. It was up to the girls  – and their courage – to weigh pigments on their own. Blues and reds turned out to be their favorites, while some of them also gave the more exotic greens a go. The pots were sealed securely before paint and pigments took a rollercoaster ride in the circulatory shaker. At the end of the day all the girls could not only take home their personally mixed paint, but also a bucket full of new impressions and information about what a chemistry company does.

As one of the Girls’ Day organizers, I am glad we can offer these girls  insight into how Celanese works, especially at an age when most of them have no clear ideas yet as to where they want to be in the future. Some of the young ladies were clearly surprised about the exciting things we do and you could really see their interest growing throughout the day. I am sure they learned a lot and will keep this day in mind.