In line with the motto “Take a short break, catch your breath, make some people happy,” we used our Social Day 2015 as a part of our Global Impact Month to strengthen the team.  Our job was for a team of eight to paint the recreation room, hallway and kitchen in the childcare center in Hofheim-Lorsbach, near Frankfurt. Overall, the project was “one of those days again that it’s worth going to work,”summed up one of the participants at the end of the day. Even if work this particular day had nothing to do with e-mails, procedures and files, it was a great day filled with paint splatters and freshly painted walls.

The day was more than just a Social Day, “It was a great team meeting!” one colleague cheerfully noted. “It was a team event with friends,” another team member confided. And what’s more, it was also an opportunity to use tools other than a keyboard, phone and files. And we weren’t even so bad at it. There were a couple people who, judging by our meticulous work, even thought we were professional painters!

My colleagues and I were proud to see everything we as office people were able to accomplish together in a single day, especially involving manual work. We also made a bunch of big (teachers and carers) and small (children) people happy; and thanks to the new wall colors, they will probably be thinking of us for a long time to come. This happiness was worth the trouble even if at the end of the day everybody who participated must have felt their muscles ache.

By the way, the actual painting site was not the only place where project participants felt a lasting impression from the work performed; some other colleagues still also feel their “dishpan hands” from cleaning paint brushes and other tools used.

To sum it up, a Social Day like this is always a win-win situation. We as a company can at least take a small step in the sense of our corporate value “Improving the World” and the childcare center got a nice new coat of paint for free and we experienced a fantastic team event.