When I hear the word Celanese I think of a company with people who truly care about the communities surrounding them. The people at Celanese are willing to get involved, lend a helping hand, and provide resources for schools, neighborhoods, and families.

I am very appreciative of how Celanese has helped me grow professionally. Celanese opened its doors to our corps at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and O.W. Holmes Middle School and talked to us about the professional working world. It helped us feel more confident in taking steps toward our future. When I talked with the Celanese volunteers, they encouraged me to follow what I love, not be afraid to take risks, and be confident in myself and my abilities.

In two years, Celanese volunteers have painted murals, built an outdoor classroom, and planted a garden to create a brighter Roosevelt, one that is future driven.

I served another year at Roosevelt because I love the students. When you spend every day with them, you get to know them. You see them on their good days and bad days, and they get to see the same out of you. They share their life with you, and you get to share your life with them. They share their wisdom, and you share yours. There is a bond that forms, one that I had the chance to continue for another year, so why wouldn’t I serve again? I cannot believe that year two is almost gone. Saying goodbye will be one of the hardest things of 2016, but I am happy to say that I will be teaching in Dallas next year, and will be able to stay updated and stay in touch with Roosevelt and the students I have built relationships with.

Thank you Celanese for making my two years of service possible, and for helping me get to the place I am today by supporting our team, and our corps.