Being pregnant is usually a turning point in a woman’s life. Hormones are running high, the woman’s body changes in an uncontrollable, unpredictable, and amazing way. I have not been pregnant, but my best friend has told me that pregnancy was an incredibly trying time for her, both physically and mentally. She was very lucky to have a tremendous amount of support from her husband and family, and she now has a happy and growing family.

Unfortunately, single moms-to-be in vulnerable Cincinnati neighborhoods do not have the support they might need and can feel very lonely and overwhelmed. Instead of having unconditional support from family, friends and society, they often live their pregnancy in constant judgment.

Cradle Cincinnati, an association whose ambition is to reduce infant mortality in Hamilton County, created a program called “Letters of Love.” In these letters, people like you and I write words of encouragement to mothers-to-be.  The letters are given to the moms during their prenatal appointment. Ryan Adcock, executive director of Cradle Cincinnati said, “Our moms really respond well to the letters and we’re frequently told that they came at a much needed time.”

Our Florence site’s Young Professionals Group and Women’s Impact Network decided to support this touching opportunity, and we set-up a table during lunch where employees could come and write words of care to these mothers-to-be. We have seen a very positive response, so we wanted to thank all the Celanese employees in Florence who participated in this event.

We feel this step is just the beginning! Imagine how incredible it would be for those moms to hear that people in other cities or other countries are supporting them! If you are interested in writing encouraging words, please visit the website below for tips and addresses where you can send (by mail or electronically) your letter.

Improving the world and making a difference does not always require national events, huge fundraisers, or extensive time commitments. A genuine and small gesture can also bring a lot of impact and support to our community. Sometimes, a letter is the perfect expression of love and care.

Thank you so much in advance for your support; and remember it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, or young or old — because love is all you need!