I recently attended a social media conference to learn new trends, to connect with communication peers and to leave inspired and refreshed. As a communicator, the emphasis on transparency and social storytelling affirmed Celanese’s communications strategy to have a consistent and authentic voice.

The CE-Blog came to my mind several times over the course of the conference, especially when one speaker shared how to unearth the spirit of a brand through storytelling. She was talking about how a brand’s mission is its story. The more she talked, I couldn’t help but think how great it has been for our company to have created a space to give our employees a voice to our customers, our communities, our teams. This blog has helped to pave the way for our company to build the culture we have today. It speaks to our company values and has been a place where we’ve tackled challenges and shared about the people and the causes we’re most passionate about.

This month the CE-Blog celebrates its fifth anniversary. Our company has a story and our employees have done an outstanding job sharing those achievements with our organization and our external readers. At Celanese, we believe in the good work our people do to make our products, provide our services and build our relationships. This blog is a storyteller’s gem.

We’re committed to building communities and cultures 365 days a year. The minions have had fun taking over the blog. Operating responsibly is a part of who we are. Employee growth features an honest conversation on owning our professional development. And you might just say we’ve made ourselves at home on the CE-Blog.

Thank you to those who have contributed to the success of this platform. I’m excited to help you share more of your stories in 2017 as we continue this blog as a social storytelling platform run by Celanese and empowered by you.