As a member of Celanese’s social media team, we’re deeply involved with the planning and promotion of our company through our various social media platforms. Here on the CE-Blog, the hub of all things social, I thought I would spend some time sharing with you why you should be following us on social media!

1. We’re active. Whether it’s the CE-Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or WeChat, our strategy is to be consistent in sharing what’s happening at Celanese. There’s always something new and exciting that you don’t want to miss out on! We’re passionate about what we do and always looking for opportunities to share with you wherever you are. Whether that’s promoting an upcoming customer event, giving back to our communities or connecting through our site events and Employee Resource Groups, we know social media influences our lives personally and professionally.

2. We’re listening…and responsive. Social media is an incredibly powerful way to listen. We’re monitoring our channels, answering your questions and building external relationships. It’s great visibility and has empowered us to have an authentic voice! It helps us understand what’s happening in the world and inspires us to adapt and grow our brand. Our most recent addition has been Instagram. It began as an experiment in trying to understand the use case and audience. Today we engage with more than 300 followers and hope to continue to build our influence!

3. We’re sharing your stories. Per our company social media strategy, employees are invited to share your stories and pictures with us. We love when you join in and share your thoughts, celebrate your achievements and allow us to see Celanese life through your eyes.

4. We’re a community. When it comes to the people side of things, social media is our external community where we can be ourselves, feel a sense of belonging and foster the positive culture we are creating at Celanese. Our customers, future employees, our shareholders, they’re all able to appreciate the big hearts and open minds we represent on these channels.

5. We like to celebrate! We’re proud of what we do here at Celanese. Some of my favorite posts are when we’re celebrating you. Whether that success story is a safety milestone, a volunteer project or a customer engagement, we want to engage and inspire you to reach for unlimited possibilities!

Thank you to all who share and engage with us on social media. If you’re not, come on and join us! We’d love for you to join the conversation.