At the beginning of 2017, the Budapest team received an exciting email from Corporate Communications. They were looking for a handful of actors to star in an engaging short film about our office, our people and life at Celanese Hungary. Needless to say, I was in! Mere minutes after the first email, Petra Czugler, corporate communications manager Europe, and project owner, gathered her team of enthusiastic actors, and the preparations began. As we learned during our first meeting, an external videographer was hired to shoot the film using state-of-the-art equipment. Most of the video would be shot on location. Based on our input, her team created the screenplay and we scheduled the shoot for mid-March. The project definitely spiced-up life at the office, but the crew was intent on getting the job done without disturbing our daily work. Of course, despite the best of intentions, such events always generate unexpected situations, and plenty of “bloopers” provided much entertainment during the shoot. Here are a few fun-facts “from behind the scenes:”

  • As the movie portrayed the story of a single day, we were asked to wear the same outfits for the entire shooting – that lasted for three days!
  • The opening scene features Viktor completing his “morning routine.” The crew had rented a hotel room for this scene and, as they were struggling with lighting, Viktor ended up shaving his face for hours!
  • The driving scene with Peter was postponed three times due to weather, as raindrops kept getting in the way of the cameraman’s creative idea of the “perfect angle.”
  • As with every busy schedule, this filming was not free from calendar mix-ups. Many members of the PRIDE ERG were unable to attend the meeting scene, so random people joined the filming. Fortunately, András, leader of the PRIDE ERG in Budapest, gave a great overview on their recent activities and even found some new supporters.!
  • As Phillip, who appears as Customer Service Representative, does not speak Hungarian, and has a very deep voice (think Barry White), we had to dub him for the Hungarian version of the image video.
  • The lunch scene was scheduled to feature István, his wife, Noémi, also a Celanese employee and their baby. Unfortunately, the baby was ill on shooting day, and Noémi had to stay at home with her. We had a full filming crew, food on the table for the scene, and no wife or baby! Luckily, the producer’s daughter was the exact same age and he graciously lent us not only his baby, but also his wife, to play Istvan’ s family!
  • The sticker we put on the mat for the yoga scene got so stuck that it could not be removed, so I designated it the “Instructor’s Mat” and have used it in my classes ever since.
  • The volunteer scene was shot during an actual volunteer day at a local NGO, providing the homeless of Budapest with free food. Everyone enjoyed the day.

We had a lot of fun working on this project, and we believe the video was worth every effort to make it a success. This short film perfectly demonstrates what it is like to work at the Celanese Budapest office: fun, engaging, rewarding and always exciting! We hope audiences enjoy watching it too!

Watch the BBSC image video below..