As a senior in high school, my dad came home from work one night and asked me two questions about my day. The first was standard and straightforward … “How was your day?” The second, “What did you do to help someone today?” Recounting my day, as an arrogant and self-absorbed eighteen year-old, I had to shamefully respond with, “Nothing.” That moment sticks in mind. My father wasn’t angry, he never brought it up again and probably doesn’t even remember it. I do however. I remember thinking how easy it should have been to do ONE THING to make someone else’s day better.

What if everyone, before they went to bed at night, made a point to do one nice thing for someone else that day?  If that was a “non-negotiable” for every human, the world would probably be a fairly different place. That is not the world we live in today, meaning we, as people who care about others and the world we live in, have to do more. We have to give more of our time, money and talent in order to ensure those who need help receive it.

It’s not always easy. We’re all busy with everything — work, children, parents, etc. We don’t necessarily need things to keep ourselves occupied. However, when I make time to give back, and when I do it with those I work with, it becomes more. It is meaningful time to make our community a better place, and to form much closer relationships with those I spend thousands of hours with every year.

Accepting the challenge to interact with our Celanese colleagues is a highly stimulating and uplifting experience. Volunteering as a team is unlike any team building I’ve done before.  We grow together as a group, allowing us to do our jobs better and create value for our company. It is no surprise we are posting record earnings results while volunteering more in our communities. I urge us to finish the year strong.  As of the minute I am writing this we are less than two months away from the end of the year and 91% of the way to our 150,000 volunteer hour challenge. We are close and on-track but must finish out 2017 strong to achieve this important milestone for us as a Celanese team.

If you have already volunteered this year but have not logged your hours, there is still time. For every hour we volunteer, the Celanese Foundation will give you $10 to donate to the 501c3 of your choice. Please encourage your teams to volunteer over the coming month, and ensure they log their hours.

Help someone today … and tomorrow … and the day after that. It will make our world, our team, our company and most importantly you, better.