As former vice president of stewardship and operational excellence, I’ve had the opportunity to experience stewardship from a unique perspective. Having been with Celanese for less than two years, I’m impressed by our extensive commitment to our stewardship culture: worker safety, environmental protection and the commitment to caring for precious natural resources. Among similar companies globally, Celanese rates in the top decile in the world for measured stewardship performance.

Stewardship often brings two things to mind: safety and environmental sustainability – and Celanese is well-known for handling both with diligence and care. But at Celanese, stewardship means more than just avoiding incidents at our facilities and it means more than just protecting the environment. It also means caring for our people, our community, our planet and our customers.

Our most important resource is our people, and we go to great lengths to show our value for the human spirit – to create a culture where each person feels welcomed and appreciated. We offer annual physicals, participate in charity walks and races, and other wellness programs to emphasize living a healthy life. In addition, we place great importance on diversity and inclusion. Employee Resource Groups, such as PRIDE (our LGBTQ), Women’s Impact Network Young Professionals and BOLD (African Americans) are designed to give our employees a sense of belonging and connection and contribute to the business success.

We’re committed to our communities by freely giving of our time and resources. In 2016, we volunteered over 120,000 hours and donated more than $3.2 million to 750 global charities. Creating change together differentiates us from others in our industry. We are improving the world one volunteer hour and one donation at a time.

Our dedication to safety means we not only pursue workplace safety, but also share our policies and programs openly with other global companies and academic institutions, setting us apart as industry leaders and innovators. From our KeepSAFE culture, in which employees are asked annually to commit to safety standards and precautions, to Know Your Limits and Walk The Line, which contributed to an 86% reduction in process safety incidents over the past year, Celanese shows employees they care by keeping them safe at our manufacturing facilities, at the office and at home.

We take great pride in being good stewards of the environment and making a positive impact on the planet for generations to come. We are also making huge strides in reducing our carbon footprint globally through our eco-friendly emulsions and polymers and our investments in preserving sensitive ecosystems. To Celanese, stewardship means more than simply having “no impact” on the environment, but actually making a positive impact on the environment.

We’re proud of our stewardship efforts and continue to look for areas how we can improve. Just as we do with our engineered materials, emulsions, chemicals and food ingredients, Celanese strives to be industry innovators – to learn more, go farther and do better – that’s the human spirit of Celanese.

To learn more about stewardship at Celanese, view our newly released Stewardship Report on