In September I had an opportunity to participate in a networking event with the Budapest Shared Services Center (BSSC) in Hungary. This was not a traditional “job fair” event, but instead a relaxed, after-hours event where we invited people to come in and learn more about the BSSC, its people and culture. Instead of a booth and a line, we mixed with potential candidates and were able to have individual or small group conversations.

As a talent acquisition professional, listening to people is the most important thing I do. So, when I meet with potential candidates, my role isn’t to just start talking about all of the great reasons to work for Celanese; it’s to listen to what is important to them and then help guide them to the connection with Celanese.

During the course of my conversations, it became clear that several of the prospects were keenly interested in working for companies that were involved in the community and the world. I always have my smart phone with me and follow Celanese on Facebook and had been enjoying the steady stream of pictures and posts from the Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP) team in Cape Town, South Africa.

What a great opportunity to show instead of tell! I was able to whip out my phone and start showing prospects that Celanese doesn’t just talk about service, but actually makes it happen – in real time! Pictures of their actual work and interaction with the children (talk about powerful smiles!) conveyed a true sense of Celanese’s commitment to be global stewards and our commitment to engage our employees in the endeavor. Prospects were pleasantly surprised to learn that the CIIP event brought Celanese employees from every corner of the globe together to serve. This was more impactful than my descriptions could have ever been and really drove prospects to convert to actual candidates. Those pictures spoke thousands of words and really brought our beliefs to life!


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