Human is the theme of our recently released stewardship report – appropriately named, as our stewardship performance impacts humans in many ways. Personal safety, process safety, and environmental performance all impact our employees, contractors, neighbors and the communities where we operate. Stewardship performance is closely aligned with our interaction and impact on humans.

Celanese is a leader in safety performance. As a corporation, we have a fraction of the injuries compared to others in our industry, and in our group of American Chemistry Council peers, we are in the top decile of performers.

In 2017, we maintained this level of performance with an injury rate of 0.18 for legacy Celanese locations. This represents 20 employee and contractor injuries. Including the recently acquired SO.F.TER. and Nilit locations, our 2017 combined performance was a rate of 0.31, representing a total of 36 injuries. Each of these injuries represent flaws in our operations and personal safety behaviors, and each was avoidable.

In addition, our safety culture and performance differentiate us as a corporation in the marketplace. More than 50 percent of our manufacturing locations had zero significant injuries, and several achieved milestones of millions of hours without an injury in 2017. In 2016, we achieved more than 100 consecutive days globally without an injury, further demonstrating our capability to operate and succeed in our business objectives without anyone being injured.

Achieving our goal of zero injuries is possible and is our mission in 2018. Our best strategy for injury-free performance is to thoroughly engage each person so that they are committed to and focused on avoiding injury to themselves and their coworkers.

An example of this opportunity is keeping our “Eyes on Path” and avoiding slip and trip hazards. Thirteen of our injuries in 2017 could have been prevented by this safe behavior – paying attention and avoiding tripping hazards. A bonus of this safe behavior is the benefit outside of the workplace, where there are more tripping hazards that could cause serious injury if “Eyes are not on Path.” Learning this safe behavior takes commitment from individuals and help from others.

Thank you for your continued focus on improving your safety and the safety of others – it makes a big difference for our continued success. Please join in our second annual KeepSAFE Day, today, Thursday, January 18th and share your personal commitment to KeepSAFE in 2018.

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