Since its start in 2012, the CE-Blog has given our leaders and employees a platform to be heard and seen. With nearly 250 posts, the CE-Blog has helped to build the culture we have today.

We have a tradition here on the CE-Blog to pause and reflect on the previous year’s stories with a Top 10. It’s a chance for us to recognize the great contributions of our employees who are the success behind this powerful online platform. As I read through these stories, some common themes began to emerge, including, caring for our people and communities, a passion for our work, and the big heart of Celanese. I also observed that at Celanese …

  • We’ve grown through enriching experiences and new perspectives.
  • We’re engaged and like to have fun!
  • We’re family and have created support systems that allow our employees to make positive changes on the inside and outside.
  • We’re invested in others and believe the future looks bright!
  • Our success is grounded in our talented people who are willing to take ambitious steps.
  • We’re building relationships (and going bowling) with our local communities and meeting people where they are, even in the midst of difficult realities.
  • We’re making a difference by supporting the causes we’re passionate about.
  • We have a lot of heart because we care for our people, our communities and our planet. And with a refreshed look and feel, the CE-Blog continues to shine center stage as our hub for all things social.

I’m proud to announce our top 10 blogs for 2017, and would like to recognize our authors. Thank you for sharing your hearts and stories with us. Please take a moment to read these blogs. I hope they inspire you to share your story here on the CE-Blog in 2018!