While serving as a Celanese Foundation Global Citizen Network member, I’ve been very involved with coordinating volunteer efforts between Celanese’s Florence site and the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky (ESNKY). We have formed an amazing partnership through countless efforts over the past few years. In fact, we’ve become family!  I love the mission so much that I wanted to do more, so I recently joined ESNKY’s board of directors and continue to do volunteer projects with them.

As a Board Member one of the many rewarding things I get to do is help with events. My favorite event was an open house we hosted because I enjoyed spending time with the community and feeling their love and support for the shelter. Joy Tarleton, another board member who joined around the same time as me, was coordinating this event and she did an amazing job. The community’s support was overwhelmingly positive. As board members, we  had the honor of giving tours of the shelter and it was a special occassion because whileI was giving tours, I remembered how seeing the building inspired me to do more when I first visited it.

As I was connecting with the community at the open house and giving tours, I realized that I am a voice for those who have no voice. In fact, everyone who shows support is a voice. It makes me reflect and feel so proud of my Celanese team, our ESNKY Family and a supportive community. Together we are showing support and the voice gets LOUDER!

All of the hard work is well worth it when seeing special moments, such as a guest reaching the milestone of getting their  keys to their own home after working so hard with the help of their support system to reach their goals. Moments like when we witness the appreciation from shelter guests over little things, such as receiving a new pair of socks, or much needed change of shoes from a clothing drive, make our volunteer efforts meaningful. Those little things really make their day and it shows them that people care. That means those little things are really big things!

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