Process safety is something I’m incredibly passionate about! Everything can change in the event of an emergency; and as a process safety leader, it’s my job to always be prepared to protect lives at our manufacturing facilities. Much planning and preparation goes into learning how to work well together as an emergency response team, like in a brigade, within Celanese as well as in our community. Working together to KeepSAFE is an important company value. I’m proud to be a volunteer on our internal brigade, as well as a volunteer on the local fire department and I would like to share some information about what we do.

Pictured left to right Salvador Angulo, Akemi Garcia and Antonio Ruiz.

A brigade is a group of people – in this case Celanese operators and employees – who must be ready to attend and respond to any incident, such as a fire, hazardous materials release, first aid and rescue. Being part of the brigade is a position requirement, but some members are so passionate about it that we are also volunteers on Ocotlan’s local fire department in our spare time, including Salvador Angulo, Ocotlan’s Emergency response leader.

I’m proud to share that recently our Ocotlan site, in coordination with CLAMCI (Cienega’s Mutual Committee for Local Aid) won the 16th National Brigades Competition 2018, organized by the National Emergency Brigade School (ECBE – ANIQ), led by Salvador Angulo, for the second consecutive time with a total of four first place championships. This community-wide competition includes other companies and our local fire departments. In this support group we share knowledge, experiences and practice together. This helps us to be prepared to step in to help anyone or any company on the CLAMCI team.

The National Emergency Brigade School (ECBE), a Mexican school for brigades, organizes a high-level competition each year for all the high-risk companies’ brigades. The competition is three days long with eight group events, including fire, hazardous materials, resources optimization, triathlon, trivia, and two individual competitions – an  Iron Man and an Iron Woman. This year both the Cangrejera and Ocotlan sites were represented in the competition.

The following photos were taken during the night events at this year’s competition. The first picture consisted of an elevated LP gas tank where fire brigade members were asked to close three valves, two at the ground level and one on the top of a structure. Both brigades did this exercise with no errors.

The other night event was about  controlling a fire on a Christmas tree type structure with LP gas. Brigades were also asked to close three valves.

In addition to the first place award, CLAMCI won the individual event prime for hazardous material control and the triathlon (swimming rescue, RCP and climbing and rappelling).

Congratulations to everyone on the team for achieving this recognition and to all the brigades that show this passion on a daily basis.