The Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP) participants have all landed safely in South Africa and are eager to begin.

Alan Ledezma

Alan Ledezma (Cangrejera) had never traveled outside of Mexico before this trip and knew he would be in for a challenge if he applied, but his heart for service drew him to the program.

“My English is not great,” I thought. “How can I do these activities with the children, and how will I communicate with the team? But I like to help people—in my country, in my neighborhood, and with my job, and I believe it is necessary to help people.” When I applied I said to myself: “If it is meant for me to go, I need to go. And here I am,” said Ledezma.

The team will be assisting with physical education, math and English lessons, as well as a construction project. Sustainability is key in our CIIP efforts and all projects are developed to leave something lasting in the community and leave our project partners the tools they can continue to use on their own.

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