When I heard that Celanese was going to sponsor Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) onsite in Dallas, I jumped at the chance to sign up. I wanted to mentor and make a difference in a child’s life. I have two grown adult sons and I love being a mom. I wanted to be matched with a Little Sis, so I could teach her to be strong and confident in herself.

The first year was not what I expected. I felt like my Little looked to me as her “babysitter,” the “fun aunt,” or just someone to bring her a Chick-Fil-A lunch to school on special occasions. I did not think I was making a difference at all and I was not being the mentor I so wanted to be. I was so discouraged that I was not going to sign up for the second year.

That all changed in July 2017. I got a call from BBBS letting me know that my Little’s house had burned down and she lost almost everything. My Little’s mom had reached out to BBBS to try to get in touch with me because my Little Sis wanted to talk to her “Big Sis” about what happened and needed comfort … and that was me!

Wait, she just lost everything important to her and she wanted to talk to me? I started crying because it “hit me” … I was looking at changing her world, but she had changed mine! I was making a difference and I couldn’t see it on the outside. I was that person she wanted and needed to comfort her, cry with her, and laugh with her. Just by listening and showing an interest in her life, I realized how impactful it was for her.

This year is bittersweet as she is graduating to middle school and she will not be returning to the Celanese program. I asked BBBS if I could move up to the next level and make an even bigger commitment. I want to be with her as long as I can so I can be there when she needs a helping hand or advice, a shoulder to lean on, and be her advocate in life. I hope to see her through college, if circumstances allow. Because after all, I AM her Big Sis!