For the past three years the Celanese Narrows site has participated in the local Relay for Life by raising money from employees at our site and having a team present during the Cancer Research fundraising event. This year, for the first time, Celanese was recognized as a corporate sponsor of the local event. For the past two years, our Young Professionals CSRG (corporate social responsibility group) with support from site leadership, led the effort. Last year was a very competitive Pie-a-Thon and this year was a very successful Dunk Tank.

The Dunk Tank fundraiser was held on two days, May 16 and June 20. We had nine different volunteer participants to be dunked at each event, who were mostly Narrows site leaders. It took a lot of people’s help, from volunteers handing out refreshments and people helping to set up canopy tents, to the emergency response team filling up the tank with water and ice (yes, our “awesome” site director decided the tanks had to have ice and Pay Day candy bars). Rhett Butler raised the most money for a single participant at $245. He was a last minute add-in and the maintenance crew pooled together $100 to get him in the tank. It was amazing to watch because the first event the weather was terrible, raining on and off all day, but people still stood out in the rain just to dunk him and watch him get dunked. Paul Smith was dunked 85 times, the most of any participant. His wife made a special trip to the plant, and apparently she has a good arm. Other participants’ families came out to watch the event and it was fun to cheer on the kids as they dunked their dads.

Several participants were great sports and dressed up for the event. Chuck Caldwell went to Goodwill and bought dress pants, shirt and a jacket just for the event, but then wore a swimmers cap. Matt Pauley had on swimming goggles and floaties on his arms. Denise Hughes wore a life jacket and a balloon duckie around her waist and balloon duckie hat. Matt Stewart came out with Rocky themed music playing and was introduced over the speakers as “Rocky the Risk Slayer Stewart.” Everyone’s enthusiasm and support helped to raise a lot of money. We raised $2586 with both Dunk Tank events, and with other donations we were able to raise a total of $3,826 for the Giles County Relay for Life.

As a Global Citizen Network (GCN) member, I am so proud of everything our Narrows site does for the community. Everyone is so willing to give their time and money to meet the needs of our community. We work closely with the county administrators to ensure that our skills and resources are put to work in the areas where we can have the most impact. I am also grateful for our leadership. They are not only supportive of the work we do, but they also participate and are willing to put themselves out there for a good cause.