It’s comforting to know that my co-workers share the same passion I have for community service. The Cangrejera brigades, for example, have held free talks and trainings in educational centers, sharing their knowledge in first aid, as well as the use and handling of fire extinguishers.

Thanks to this brigade team’s initiative, 42 teachers from five schools have been positively impacted and will, in turn, safeguard the lives of an estimated 2,500 students in the region. The team realizes the importance of sharing this lifesaving knowledge.

“I do this for pleasure and vocation; I love being a part of the team of brigades and belonging to a large work group. Sharing what I have learned is a commitment because knowledge that is not shared holds no value. It’s satisfying to see how the faces change at the end of each course — the visible interest of both teachers and students. The change starts by encouraging our society to volunteer and grow as a person.” – Oscar Cruz Chong.

“I’m so happy to be able to help others because the knowledge that I share today has helped me personally at some point; and today it’s my turn to serve.” -Miguel Escobar Chablé

“I believe that we all have the power to serve others without asking for anything in return — to feel that we can impact the lives of many people fills the soul.” – José Luis Acosta

Many thanks to the following team for their commitment and for inspiring others to learn.

  • Jesús Hernández Molina
  • Jesús Palmeros
  • Oscar Cruz Chong
  • Miguel Escobar Chablé
  • José Luis Acosta
  • Dulce López
  • Raul Manzo
  • Miguel Roblero
  • Juan Manuel Aristeo
  • Josué Tejeda
  • Cristian Gómez
  • Víctor Silva
  • Amado Osorio