How beautiful it is to see the sunrise and the sunset when I walk along the beach. It’s one of my favorite places where I can connect with the world, and I’m lucky to have this natural beauty in the place where I live. However, when I turn around, I notice that garbage is always present in the wet sand, and that is when I begin to meditate on our behavior and how it impacts our community.

“Being sustainable,” “Improving to the world” and “Collaboration” are three Celanese values that we must share beyond our work life in order to generate a positive impact in our community. We can create awareness and teach others that the actions we take today will have meaningful results far into the future.

I would like to share an experience we had recently that made an impression on me.

On June 5, 2017, World Environment Day, we participated in an activity that involved our entire community. We took the initiative to clean our beach with around 250 people, including employees, contractors, students and various institutions. We collected more than 300 bags of garbage in a stretch of 2.5 km of beach, approximately one half ton of which was to be recycled for the benefit of a local nonprofit organization.

“This event was a good example for my family, since they are raising awareness. My children have become more careful and responsible with the environment, and in turn they motivate their classmates not to litter.” – Rossana Cruz, Sr. Coordinator Procurement Operations.

With this example in mind, what could you do in your community to make a difference?

I’d like to share some tips that our site is implementing that you can also do from your home or office:

* Clean-up your local community, including beaches, parks, schools, etc.

* Arrange reforestation campaigns

* Participate in environmental education talks in schools

* Substitute non-biodegradable articles for those that are biodegradable, including plates, glasses, cutlery and straws

* Separate waste

* Recycle PET, aluminum, paper, cardboard, etc.

* Recycle oil based products

* Facilitate energy saving projects (electricity, water, gas)

There are many ways to help our planet; these are just some ideas that we can implement. We invite you to live the values of the company with actions like these because we can create change together!