Interning at Celanese has been an amazing experience because of the education, experience, and engagement I have had. I never thought I’d be walking into such an amazing environment where interns are free to do, learn, ask, and achieve anything they can think of. Celanese  has an enriching and beneficial internship program. I’d like to break down my experience with two thoughts: why I chose Celanese and what I came to like the most about my internship at Celanese.

I have known of Celanese from a very young age because my father used to work for Celanese. Additionally, we’ve had many family friends work for the company. From their stories and experiences, I could tell that Celanese would be a great fit for me. For me, Celanese offered the opportunity to enter a new industry while still being able to hone in on my educational cornerstones of business and IT. Also, besides being major related, this Celanese internship offered me great compensation and benefits. Though it is a bit of a touchy subject, I firmly believe that a student’s time is worth money and other forms of compensation, and Celanese did an amazing job of rewarding their interns for their hard work.

I’m so glad I chose Celanese because it allowed me to have rewarding experiences and takeaways. The thing I liked most about my internship was the people I was able to meet and work with. It was truly a blessing to have a great manager and a great group of coworkers who supported my goals, helped me learn, and pushed me to be my best. The people you work with are a huge determinant of your success and happiness as an intern, and I was truly lucky to end up with such a great group of people. The other thing I liked about my internship was that I had the ability to have a real impact in my department and the company as a whole. I was doing meaningful work and providing value to the company, which left me with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Celanese goes above and beyond to provide a level of hands-on attention, value and respect that can’t be found at some of the most popular companies. I truly believe that the Celanese internship program has struck a winning chord and will quickly become a university wide name; and I’ll be backing it all the way.