Our brains are wired to connect to stories. That’s what helps us remember. We connect with stories that are relatable and emotional. Here’s one of mine, but CE Blog is filled with countless relatable stories written by our leaders and employees. Why do we feel compelled to engage with a story beyond reading it? We react or comment because it’s built a connection. As a company blogging has helped Celanese to connect us better with each other through an online platform but also our customers, our prospective talent and our community partners. If you look at the data behind a blog like this, it shows the power behind a relatable story. And positivity sells! Readers see we’re a community and when it comes to the people side of things, our blog is our external community where we can be ourselves, feel a sense of belonging and foster the positive culture we are creating at Celanese.

Since 2012, we’ve published 190 contributors, 291 posts and 1,234 comments. Thank you for sharing your positive, authentic and bold experiences here on the hub for all things social. The CE Blog is a forum for leaders and employees to share their personal experiences and stories related to the company. Blogs reflect the diversity of our people and give readers a glimpse into who we are and what we care about. Thank you to those who have contributed to the success of this platform. I’m excited to help you share more of your stories in 2019 as we continue this blog as a social storytelling platform run by Celanese and empowered by you.