The Giles County Technology Center in Narrows, VA, offers skills education and certification for students and adults that enable them to join the workforce in their chosen profession after graduation. Along with competitions and daily course work, students played an active role in the community by donating their time and skills to local community projects.

One of these projects is the construction of a house for Habitat for Humanity, which is donated to a family in the New River Valley region. Previously, houses have taken almost two school years to complete due to delays caused by inclement weather. This year, Celanese assisted Giles County and the Technology Center with the construction of a shelter to be used by students to provide protection from the weather and allow them to complete a Habitat house in one school year. 

This project began with a couple of Celanese employees who attended a meeting with Habitat for Humanity and Giles Technology Center to plan the construction of a new house. It was during this meeting that they saw students working in the rain and decided to create a way for students to work year-round in any weather. From the start of the project planning to completion of the structure on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Celanese employees have been involved in the whole construction process. 

The cost of the building was originally estimated at $100,000 for the school and county to build, but with assistance from Celanese employees, they were able to bring that cost down to a little over $50,000. The Narrows site donated $7,500 from the 2018-2019 Foundation Contribution Campaign, $2,000 from the 100 year anniversary Community Engagement Grant, and $18,740 from employee Cause Cards for a total of $28,240 donated to this project. The remainder of the funds came from Giles County and the school.

Our employees not only helped raise funds for the project, but they also assisted in the construction, which began with a groundbreaking in November, retention wall and concrete base in March, and the actual assembly of the structure over the past two months. John Mills, a member of county administration, also helped to manage the project and said that they would have never been able to complete this project without Celanese’s assistance. This project is one of many our site has completed for Giles County and the New River Valley where its impact will be far-reaching and long-lasting.